Globally, the number of cyber-attacks is growing exponentially, and hackers have access to more advanced tools than ever, making them more successful and giving them greater power in the world’s public and private networks, this poses severe business threats. CITSYS provides offensive security assessment services. These services are designed to uncover vulnerabilities at any level of your organization, evaluate your security controls, and provide the support required to address any risks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing simulates an attack on your system to uncover vulnerabilities in your networks, infrastructure, and applications. As a penetration testing company, clients trust our high-quality engagements to identify and address security risks.

Web Application Testing

We provide security testing tools for web applications. Our web application penetration testing services can be commissioned to assess the security of websites and applications developed in-house or by third-party vendors.

Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks can be disastrous for your company. It only takes one employee opening a nefarious email to undermine your network. We assess the ability of your systems and personnel to detect and respond to a real-life email phishing exercise.
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Vulnerability Assessment

Intelligent businesses want to know where their weak points are located. With our vulnerability assessment services, you can better understand and manage your organization's cybersecurity risks by receiving help to identify, classify and mitigate them.

Advisory Services

Call on the assistance of a global team of experts to help you tackle your most pressing security and regulatory challenges. We’re here with expert, specialized advice to answer questions and make recommendations to keep you operating at your best.

Cyber Policy Review

We’ve introduced our independent security policy review and design services to ensure that your cyber security policy keeps pace with the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. This is a critical facet of technology maintenance where you don’t want to be left behind.

Compliance Advisory

You can rely on us to reduce the difficulty of meeting your compliance responsibilities. We will help you demonstrate how you are taking action to protect your business, customers, stakeholders, and partners.

Managed Security Services

Enjoy a range of managed security services. Whether you’re looking to invest in new security technologies to protect your organization or you need assistance managing and monitoring your existing systems, our security expertise helps you get the most from the latest tools.

Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM services are a critical component of cybersecurity defense. SIEM management or Security Information and Event Management service will enhance threat visibility and provide you with the experts to analyze, triage, and help respond to security alerts

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

A managed vulnerability scanning service enables you to keep up with the latest security risks by continuously identifying and addressing a wide range of exposures. We help keep you aware of potential vulnerabilities at all times.

Managed EDR

You can enhance the visibility of attacks with a managed endpoint detection and response service that integrates the latest EDR technology and leading threat hunters — one of the most effective ways to circumvent a security breach.