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We are CITSYS. Think of us as a kind of extension of your company — an external IT department committed to your business and your customers and ready with up-to-the-minute solutions engineered for your individual industry. As experts in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and IT solutions providers, we’re here to help you reach and exceed your goals.
We know that, for so many companies, technology can be either an asset or a burden in the course of your daily operations and long-term growth. CITSYS is here to ensure your tech resources remain an incomparable asset for your company — a tool that allows it to reach its highest aspirations.

Trusted by over 200 clients in all sectors across Africa including:









Our Services


Cybersecurity Services

Globally. the number of cyber-attacks is growing exponentially, and hackers have access to more advanced tools than ever, making them more successful and giving them greater power in the world’s public and private networks, this poses severe business threats.
CITSYS provides offensive security assessment services. These services are designed to uncover vulnerabilities at any level of your organization, evaluate your security controls, and provide the support required to address any risks.

IT Solutions

We understand firsthand the challenges business professionals face in obtaining the right software and solutions at the best value. We exist to help you integrate the most appropriate technology at each phase of your business growth. We work to understand where you are, and where you want to go — and then identify and provide world-class solutions that benefit your entire business now and in the future.

IT Project Management

CITSYS’s IT and project management services are designed to plan and implement business-critical IT projects as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We look at your business objectives and execute projects that align with your larger IT goals, bringing you industry-based best practices for managing budgets and devising an IT roadmap that primes you for a future of productivity and growth.

Outsourced IT Support

CITSYS’s IT and project management services are designed to plan and implement business-critical IT projects as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. We look at your business objectives and execute projects that align with your larger IT goals, bringing you industry-based best practices for managing budgets and devising an IT roadmap that primes you for a future of productivity and growth.

Software Project Management

Great custom software applications are the product of an exquisite development process. CITSYS is equipped with the experience and project management tools that make the process move swiftly and effectively — arriving on time and under budget. We’re at your side to iterate a project from its earliest conceptual stages to its fully-formed final delivery. Those refined and efficient internal and external processes turn abstract ideas into competitive solutions that allow businesses to navigate change while remaining resilient.

Software Development

When you work with a knowledgeable external IT team who knows the ins and outs of your enterprise and has a clear idea of your long-term business objectives, IT specialists recognize the ways you can expand your tech capacities to optimize operations and move more rapidly toward your goals.

Our Brand Partners


About Us

World Class Partners

At CITSYS, we are a verified partner offering reliable solutions from the top cybersecurity brands. Contact us to learn more about how we can help protect your organization.

Expert Advice

We exist to help you integrate the most appropriate technology at each phase of your business growth.


You can rest assured that your organization is in good hands. We provide unparalleled protection to businesses and consistently deliver substantial value. Trust us to be your dependable ally in securing your digital assets.

Trusted Cybersecurity Services

Since 2007, CITSYS has provided cybersecurity solutions and IT support to over 200 companies.

Happy Loyal Customers

We are proud to report a 90% customer retention rate. 50% of our new customers have been through referrals.

Dedicated Team

A team of professionals with specialized skills and knowledge to carry out each project effectively.

We have a team of knowledgeable experts to give first class technical support to businesses across different industries. They are available to assist businesses to design and implement their technology strategy, manage and improve their IT infrastructure to make their customers happy and become more profitable.
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We exist as a company to serve our customers, to educate and help them access and use the most appropriate technology at each growth phase. We aim to wow our customers with exceptional products/solutions and delight them with fantastic customer service, enabling them to use technology as a catalyst to pursue their passions and grow their businesses.

This undertaking is essential because, at CITSYS, we understand firsthand the pain and challenges business operators face in getting the right software and solutions for their business at the best value. As we have already helped hundreds of companies, we can significantly help even more leverage technology to secure, support, and, most importantly, grow their business. As a business, we will always put the interest of our customers first, taking a long-term position and ensuring that we consistently deliver value. Only when we enable our customers to win will we have a chance of survival. We experience success daily; we have a greater than 90% customer retention rate, and our first client after 14 years is still our client. And at least 50 % of our new customers have been referrals; as a team, we must strive to continue to delight our customers with excellent products that are appropriate for their business and deliver outstanding customer service.

We must be efficient in every aspect of our operations, driving down our costs and passing savings on to our clients. We must develop our personal competencies and internal processes to resolve our client’s issues quicker. We must create new ways of working and delivering value to help our clients avoid downtime or anything that could disrupt their operations. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, we must be agile, innovative, and iterative in our thoughts and actions, continually ready to offer our customers the most relevant solutions and services.

Our Vision

To develop and deliver cutting edge technology driven solutions that empower African businesses for growth.

Our Values

At the center of our corporate identity is a commitment to continually seek to find solutions that enable our clients to thrive in this ever changing and increasingly competitive world.

Our Mission

We specialize in cybersecurity solutions for organizations. Our mission is to protect our customers' sensitive data from ever-evolving cyber threats. We offer peace of mind and a secure digital environment so our customers can focus on their core business operations.

Connect with Us

Connect with us and get 24/7 protection for your organization.

What Our Clients Say

IT Infrastructure Manager - Hollard Insurance Ghana Ltd.
I encountered CITSYS through a referral in 2015 when we needed a security solution for our Corporate Email system. First impression was good and the professionalism and great service support has been sustained over the past years. We needed to secure our emails and our networks from spams and cyber threats as well as ensure email continuity in the event of our primary exchange failing. This was expertly executed. I am extremely satisfied by their service and would always recommend them.
Head of IT - Quality Insurance Company Ltd
My first encounter with CITSYS was in 2017 when I was looking for a company that can offer us a robust anti-virus system. One of your sales team members popped into my office to tell us about the products they have on offer and it coincided with our needs. I am very satisfied with the service offered by CITSYS. They are always available to offer any assistance we require and sometimes proactively check on us to ensure systems are running smoothly. They also exhibit a high sense of professionalism in their operations. I will certainly recommend them.
AG Director - Ghana Armed Forces
I first encountered CITSYS about 3 years ago through my superior. I wanted a security software to protect our network. I was satisfied by CITSYS' services. I would recommend CITSYS anytime.

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